Babysitter Forms

Babysitter forms are are essential for all babysitters. We’ve put together a list of all the babysitting forms necessary for being a babysitter.

Below are printable babysitter forms that you can download. If you find these forms useful, you will definitely find that our Babysitter Guide will tell you everything you need to being a babysitter. We are currently running a special promotion this month on our E-Book available in .pdf, Kindle, and iPad.

Download Free Babysitting Forms

The more in-depth your bookkeeping and files are, the better prepared and organized your business will be. Below are free babysitting forms that will make bookkeeping much easier for you. Keep in mind that you will need adobe reader to view and print out these babysitting forms. You may download adobe reader here

Family Information Babysitter Form

This is a simple form that will allow you to have all the important information about your families. To download the family information babysitter form click here

All About Me Babysitting Form

While this is not a typical form that you will keep in your files, it can be a great thing to give to your clients or potential clients. It helps them know when you are available and keeps all your contact information handy.To download the All About Me babysitter form click here

Babysitting Planner

You can use this along with your day planner and it will help you organize your schedule as well as keep track of the special considerations every family has. Under notes, put the child’s likes and dislikes as well as any observations that will make babysitting easier.To download the Babysitter Planner form click here

Emergency Contact Information

This form should be brought with you whenever you go to the clients’ house to babysit and it is good to have it in a book, which is placed into your babysitting bag. To download the Emergency Contact Information babysitter form click here

Injury Report

This is just a report that jots down when an accident occurs and how it occurred. If there is an injury, make sure the parents are aware of it by having them sign this form. To download the Injury Report babysitter form click here


If you are getting paid on a weekly basis, it is important to have an hour’s sheet. Make sure parents sign off each day when they arrive home. To download the Babysitting Timesheet click here