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    Nov 2011
    Welcome To Babysitting!

    The first time I ever had the enjoyment of babysitting I was 12 and it was completely unplanned.  I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and suddenly I was caring for my neighbor’s 3 year old. I was terrified; here was this young boy staring up at me, wondering what […]


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Welcome To The Best Resource On How To Be A Babysitter!

If you looking for detailed information on how to be a babysitter, then you have come to the right place. This website is intended for anyone who has an interest to learn every aspect there is to know about being the most successful babysitter possible. Babysitting is like any other job where the more knowledge you have, the better your performance, salary, and experience will be.

What You Will Learn About Babysitting

  • How to create a babysitting resume
  • How to prepare to be a babysitter
  • How to find a babysitting job
  • Supplies needed for babysitting
  • Forming relationships with parents and children
  • How to babysit for every developmental level of children
  • Different babysitting activities
  • First aid needed for babysitter’s
  • Much more!

How To Be A Babysitter E-Book

Preparation is extremely important when you want to be a babysitter. In the 112 page exclusive e-book, The Ultimate Babysitter’s Guide, you will find everything listed above and much more. Happy reading!

rated 5 stars on December 31, 2013. I loved this book there was so many amazing tips, fun recipes, activity ideas and more I absolutely adored this book and I am 99.99% sure you will love it!